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Hair Removal

LUXRS Hair Removal

Now you can enjoy the luxury of hair removal plus permanent reduction with the FDA approved LUXRS hand-piece. Recommended for all consumers of all skin types, including African-American and tanned skin. Average 4-7 treatments needed, at four week intervals.  Same treatment charge as IPL Hair Removal

IPL Hair Removal

Mandatory consult required. At Skin Savvy, we use the FDA approved IPL system that provides great, long-lasting results.  Appropriate for all areas of the body.  Series required with 3-4 week intervals per treatment. Series of six required.

Service Fees:

Upper Leg $500 Full Back  $500
Lower Leg $400 Chest $400
Full Leg $800 Abdomen $150
Bikini $200 Breast $200
Brazilian Bikini $250 Beard $200
Buttocks $200 Chin $100
Anal Area $200 Lip $100
Shoulders $200 Glabella $75
Shoulder & Upper Arm $300 Ears $100
Fore Arm $300 Sideburns $100
Under Arm  $200 Neckline $100
Upper Back $400 Hands & Fingers $100
Lower Back $200 Feet & Toes  $100

Eyebrow: $ 15.00
Lip: $15.00